Cinnamon is obtained from the stem of some plant species of the genus Cinnamomum, which is spicy, fragrant is used to make medicine and spices in food processing. Cinnamon is a very delicious spice. The cinnamon has been appreciated by its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

Star Anise

Flower is one of the famous specialties of Lang Son. Many studies have shown that the flowers have good health benefits, it works to bring delicious food more delicious



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About Duc Thanh Jsc

Duc Thanh Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 with the aim of becoming a leading company in producing and exporting incense and incense stick for export. Over the past 3 years, we have grown steadily and achieved remarkable results thanks to the diligent effort of our team. staffs as well as the support of customers at home and abroad. Promoting our advantages and strengths, in 2016 we continue to expand into the field of processing, production and export of spices and agricultural products.

Terms & Conditions

We usually have available material in stock for supply. After customer place order, it will be transferred to our factory for cargo arrangement. Thanks to equipments at the factory and work team who are skillful, commodities are soon prepared, packaged and containerized. Normally it takes 15 working days since the date of deposit the cargo shall be loaded from. Related documents such as Booking Note, Bill of Lading and information about the status of the cargo shall be updated to the buyer regularly.

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Update the news, the hottest content on the market of agricultural products: cinnamon, anise ... throughout the country and fluctuations in the export sector. At the same time, the media also reflects the internal information and development plans of the company to the entire staff.